The Cross-Border Payments Evolution
1000 - 1045 BST  |  20th August 2020
The Cross-Border Payments Evolution
  • What trends are shaping the cross border payments landscape?
  • Is the cross-border payment ecosystem catching up with instant domestic payments?
  • What barriers are still preventing efficient and transparent cross-border payments?

  • Andrea Dunlop, Chairwoman of the Emerging Payments Association, Non Exec, Angel Investor
  • Lana Abdullayeva, Independent Speaker & Strategic Advisor, Digital Strategy, Innovation & Transformation
  • Sameer Dubey, Fintech Enthusiast, Ex Barclays & N26
  • Nick Kerigan, Head of Innovation, Swift
  • Andrei Dikouchine, Co-Founder, 3S Money
Video Intros and What to Expect: