Bespoke Events
Join the MoneyNext Partner Event Programme
Deliver a digital event plan which excels in providing exposure and engagement to your current and future client prospects.

Work alongside a partner with the experience of producing industry leading digital events for 10 to 5,000 attendees and everything in-between.

Speak to our specialist team today for more information on how our bespoke digital event campaigns can help you achieve your goals for 2020 and beyond!
Key benefits include:

  • Specifically matched prospective leads selected by the demographics of your choice
  • No competitors present
  • Choice of topics and speakers
  • Visibility and exposure away from the noise of traditional events
  • Private environment suitable for more confidential discussions and NDAs
  • Exclusive branding and exposure opportunity
MoneyNext Sessions (absolutely not your average webinar!) provide an interactive platform to highlight the topics important to your business in a virtual panel discussion format, speaking alongside clients, partners and industry experts to engage with your target audience.

Our client team work to engage with and invite your target audience whilst also offering registration for the wider community.
Connecting senior decision makers and peers across borders and with increasing time pressures can be a significant challenge. A MoneyNext virtual roundtable is the perfect solution.

Facilitated conversations between senior executives provide a forum to research new ideas, test theories progress key projects and to provide thought leadership. All from the comfort of your home or office.
Why Our Audience?
Engage with our subscriber base of senior technology and finance professionals. They have each chosen to be part of our community as they know we won't compromise on the quality of our events, the opinions and insight from thought-leaders and the level of interactivity our sessions provide, answering the most current questions and challenges facing financial institutions and Fintechs alike.
How Are We Different?
With the experience of producing digital events from 10 to 5,000 attendees, we understand our digital audience far better than most.

  • We produce formats that keep our attendees engaged and invite discussion
  • We develop individual marketing campaigns around each of our bespoke events to ensure the audience present fit with your target
  • We use a platform which all of our attendees appreciate
  • We work hard to promote you both pre-show and post event - we produce a fantastic live event but also believe strongly in the value of the full campaign.
  • On-demand materials made available in a format our audience can easily digest, providing far greater levels of exposure and engagement
How Can We Impact Your Business In 2021?
In a world where physical events and meetings aren’t possible at present, you need to consider digital to ensure your team are speaking to your current and potential customers.

Working in such an innovative industry, its important you align yourself with an innovative organiser and host who can help project your brand to be seen as it should be.

Combining experience from the world of marketing, events and tv production, we provide a unique, first class service to assist you in planning, developing and producing a digital event campaign, exposure as a thought-leader and engagement with your target audience.
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