A Conference Programme You Cannot Afford To Miss!
Absolutely NO PowerPoint!
We’ve banned the traditional presenting tools to ensure our visionary speakers can launch straight into a topic with fast paced, engaging discussion - less corporate line, more informal sharing of original ideas and insight.

Integrate into your day rather than fight against it!
Run over 4 days, attendees are encouraged to build an agenda to integrate into their regular working day. Strict timings will be followed for each session - starting and finishing punctually.

Your questions, answered.
Our hosts and speakers will engage in audience discussion throughout each session and not just for 5 minutes at the end! Learning outcomes are clearly defined and worked through.

Super engaging digital formats!
Formats include the Spotlight, Super Spotlight, Panel, Lightning Talk, Q & A & Coffee! and MoneyNext Meets. Each session has been engineered for the digital world to promote learning, insight and the opportunity to connect. 
1000 - 1045 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
How Will Banking Change Over the Next 5 Years?
  • What will the banks of the future look like?
  • How to create a genuine customer focused culture
  • Which technologies are set to have the greatest impact on the banking landscape?
1100 - 1145 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
How Will Open Banking Shape the Digital Banking Landscape?
  • Do open API ecosystems represent an opportunity or a threat to the banking industry?
  • How have traditional banks reacted to the open banking revolution?
  • Has open banking simplified customer/bank interactions or is it more complicated?
1200 - 1245 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
The Future of SME Lending
  • How are the banking needs of SMEs changing?
  • How are open banking and APIs reshaping the SME lending landscape?
  • Utilising big data and AI to revolutionize lending
1300 - 1345 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
The Impact of AI in Finance and Banking
  • RPA, Machine Learning, NLP - what is having the greatest impact across the sector?
  • Real-life use cases - where is AI being used to maximum effect?
  • Do the benefits of AI always outweigh the costs and challenges of large scale implementation?
  • How is AI changing the Paytech landscape
1400 - 1445 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
How is Blockchain Disrupting the Financial Sector?
  • What DLT applications are proving most valuable across banking and payments?
  • To what extent has blockchain been over-hyped across financial services?
  • Will we see a major shift towards decentralized finance?
1500 - 1545 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
Lightning Talks: Have Your Say!
Would you like to join the MoneyNext Summit Online Programme?

Do you have a case study, topic, product or service you would like to highlight to others as part of this year's show?
1600 - 1645 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
The Future of B2B and Corporate Banking
  • How have customer expectations and experience driven B2B innovation?
  • How is the continued development of digital banking transforming B2B?
  • How are emerging technologies such as DLT an AI shaping the corporate banking landscape?
  • Predicting the B2B bank of the future: What changes are on the horizon?
1700 - 1745 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
MoneyNext Meetups
MoneyNext Meetups are an opportunity for attendees to connect with like-minded audience members around a central group theme.

Join groups recommended to you, or create your own.