A Conference Programme You Cannot Afford To Miss!
Absolutely NO PowerPoint!
We’ve banned the traditional presenting tools to ensure our visionary speakers can launch straight into a topic with fast paced, engaging discussion - less corporate line, more informal sharing of original ideas and insight.

Integrate into your day rather than fight against it!
Run over 4 days, attendees are encouraged to build an agenda to integrate into their regular working day. Strict timings will be followed for each session - starting and finishing punctually.

Your questions, answered.
Our hosts and speakers will engage in audience discussion throughout each session and not just for 5 minutes at the end! Learning outcomes are clearly defined and worked through.

Super engaging digital formats!
Formats include the Spotlight, Super Spotlight, Panel, Lightning Talk, Q & A & Coffee! and MoneyNext Meets. Each session has been engineered for the digital world to promote learning, insight and the opportunity to connect. 
1000 - 1045 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
Creating Value with Open Banking
  • How can banks generate revenue from open banking?
  • What new business models are likely to emerge as open banking continues to grow?
  • How important are Fintech partnerships to take full advantage of open banking opportunities?
1100 - 1145 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
Keeping Customer Experience at the Heart of the Payments Evolution
  • How are consumer expectations changing and are we currently meeting them?
  • How have tech giants, fintechs, and social media changed the payments landscape?
  • Are we doing enough to alleviate consumer concerns over security, cyber-attacks and data breaches?
1100 - 1145 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
Financial Inclusion and Fintech for Social Good
  • Where are the greatest opportunities for positive social impact?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of banking the unbanked?
  • How are alternatives to traditional banks boosting financial inclusion?
1200 - 1245 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
The Payment Predictions Debate
  • How will the payments ecosystem develop this decade?
  • How have customer expectations driven a change in the payments landscape?
  • How will the B2B payments develop over the next 5 years?
  • How are emerging technologies shaping the future of payments?
1200 - 1245 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
A Shifting Insurance Landscape: What Changes to Expect in the Insurance Sector this Decade
  • How will InsurTech continue to shape the sector?
  • Which new and emerging technologies will have the greatest impact on insurance processes?
  • How are Insurers adapting to a new wave of digital native customers?
1300 - 1345 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
The Solution Rooms
MoneyNext Solution Rooms consist of themed, 45 minute breakout sessions providing peer-supported advice on individuals’ most pressing problems.

These hosted, open discussions are ideal for attendees to raise questions or ideas they have with an informed group and connect with audience members.
1400 - 1445 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
Changing Consumer Behaviour: Reacting to Customer Expectations in FS
  • How have customer expectations of banking and financial services changed?
  • Understanding younger millennials and Gen Z customers
  • Prioritising data: Valuable customer insights into saving and spending
  • How important is personalisation in the future of banking?
1500 - 1545 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
Cryptocurrencies: What does the future hold?
  • What are the current barriers preventing widespread crypto adoption?
  • Do digital currencies represent a viable future?
  • What should we expect from Facebook’s Libra and China’s digital Yuan?
1500 - 1545 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
Top Trends Reshaping Wealth Management in 2020 and Beyond
  • How are wealth management strategies and business models changing in the digital era?
  • How can new and emerging technologies be utilised in wealth management processes?
  • How are customer expectations changing and are wealth management strategies changing with them?
1600 - 1645 BST   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
Fintech Leaders’ Debate: The Future of Fintech
  • What trends are likely to shape the future Fintech landscape?
  • Will concerns over data sharing and security delay progress and hinder innovation?
  • Will digital currencies make it mainstream? Do they have a viable future?
  • Will traditional financial institutions be forced out of the market or can they evolve successfully?