Massimo Buonomo

Massimo Buonomo

Global Expert on Blockchain, Fintech, Regtech, UN


Global Expert, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

Massimo is a highly regarded professional in the blockchain field, solving business problems using a lateral thinking approach.

Massimo current focus is on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and blockchain solutions to address Covid 19 challenges. As to CBDCs, Massimo unveiled the huge disruptive potential of CBDCs for the financial industry at the webinar "A New Economic Order: What is the Post-COVID-19 Financial Paradigm?” June 4th 2020.

As to blockchain solutions to address Covid 19 challenges, Massimo unveiled the cutting edge blockchain applications to Covid 19 problems for the webinar May 18th 2020 ISCEA -International Supply Chain Education Alliance. of USA .

After working in international financial markets for 20 years as Senior equity banking analyst, Massimo worked as a university professor of fintech and international finance in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Turin Italy and Wuhan China.

Massimo is Senior Expert and Advisor in fin-tech, blockchain in finance. for several international organizations, i.e. United Nations agency Alliance of Civilization, United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)-UNECE Italy, etc.

Massimo lived in Europe, China, USA, South America and is fluent in Italian, English and Portuguese.