Dr Ekaterina Safonova

Dr Ekaterina Safonova

Founder & Managing Director, CS Consulting & Advisory

Ekaterina Safonova is an Associate Professor with 20 years of experience in technical sciences, research and lecturing, 10+ years of experience in cyber security, combining deep technical expertise with vital business and leadership skills.

Her company CS Consulting and Advisory supports businesses on questions of cybersecurity and payment fraud prevention. 

She is a Board Technical Advisor and investor at Cybertonica and Moteefe, invited professor at EPA, GUS and EWPN Ambassador. She is a co-author of The PAYTECH Book, and The LegalTech Book published by Wiley.

Ekaterina has developed and launched a specialized Cybersecurity course for the payments industry - Fraud and Fraud Prevention that was certified by the CPD Certification Service at EPA.

Ekaterina has successfully finished the course on “Business strategy and Fintech” at Said Business School Oxford University and won a prestigious award - Fintech/Payments leader of the year at EWPN in Amsterdam at Money 20/20.

Her strong technical background includes a PhD and 37 Scopus-approved publications, including 7 books.