Saka Nuru

Saka Nuru

Head Of Product Marketing - Fintech Ecosystems and Payments, Intuit


Saka is currently the Head of Product marketing for Fintech and Payment ecosystems at QuickBooKS in the UK.

Saka is a highly analytical global marketing, product and client engagement professional with experience across North America, Europe, Africa, and Latin America in high tech, entrepreneurial digital businesses as well as large corporate organisations. His expertise spans product innovation, marketing, sales, and strategic partnerships. Saka has worked in corporate development, engineering, digital marketing and fintech with first-hand experience of taking projects from conception to completion. Saka offers a strong track record of relationship and partnership building, winning new business and securing growth opportunities. Saka is equally effective at leading teams as well as being a high contributing team player.

As part of Saka's work, he regularly mentors startups and underrepresented founders on how to form partnerships, compelling products as well as growth strategies. Saka is adept at identifying customer needs and creating cogent value propositions to service those needs. Saka is also a public speaker, writer, and host of the podcast "Saka's is that so?" which is dedicated to challenging conventional wisdom across a range of industries with the goal to get people to think outside the box and not take things at face value.