Maria Grazia Vigliotti

Maria Grazia Vigliotti

Cybersecurity Director, Blockchain Consultant & Author, Imperial College London

Maria G. Vigliotti is  author of “The Executive Guide to Blockchain” The book aims to demystifying blockchain by offering a jargon-free explanation to various aspects of the technology.

She is the founder of Sandblocks Consulting (https://www.sandblocksconsulting.co.uk/), a boutique consultancy specialising in blockchain technology and  cybersecurity, and the  CEO of Gradbase a company that inserts academic qualifications on blockchain; she holds an honorary visiting fellowship at the Department of Computing at Imperial College London

Her career in computing spans more than twenty years, many as an academic at Imperial College London specialising in writing AI algorithms to aid in cybersecurity and formal code verification. She convened and led the development of the cybersecurity strategy for the entire British railway industry and worked on prevention of cryptographic attacks on the European Railway Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS). She has also advised most of the major players in the UK nuclear industry on smart device security.  She is a member of the Blockchain committee of the International Standards Organisation. She is also Chief Editor for the Journal Frontiers in Blockchain, the first peer-reviewed academic journal in the field.

Maria holds a PhD in Computing from Imperial College London and has published over thirty papers in peer-reviewed international academic journals and conferences.