The Agenda
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What Makes Our Agenda So Different?
  • Absolutely no PowerPoint! We’ve banned the traditional presenting tools to ensure our visionary speakers can launch straight into a topic with fast paced, engaging discussion - less corporate line, more informal sharing of original ideas and insight.
  • Integrate into your day rather than fight against it! Run over 3 days to distribute sessions throughout the week, attendees are encouraged to personalise their programme and build an agenda to integrate into their regular working day. Strict timings will be followed for each session - starting and finishing punctually.
  • Your questions, answered. Our session hosts are experts in engaging our audience with each discussion. Learning outcomes for each session are clearly defined. Want to address our speakers directly? Share your question pre-talk or live - each host will engage with the audience throughout the session and not just for 5 minutes at the end!
  • Extra Time! Look out for the Extra Time! open mic sessions - where you're invited to switch cameras and mics on, and step up to the panel to share your thoughts or ask a question!
1000 - 1045 ET  |   For Your Local Time Click Here
Moving from Open Banking to Open Everything
  • Expanding open banking into open finance
  • How can financial institutions create real value from open banking, open finance and APIs?
  • What lessons can be learnt from current APIs in different sectors?

  • Anna Irrera, Chief Correspondent - Fintech, Reuters
  • Alex Yang, Global Head of API Strategy and Enablement, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Imran Haider, EVP Open Banking, Wells Fargo
  • Steve Boms, Executive Director, The Financial Data & Technology Association North America
  • Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer, MX.com
1100 - 1145 ET   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
How is Blockchain Disrupting the Financial Sector?
  • What DLT applications are proving most valuable across banking and payments?
  • How is the tokenization of assets impacting finance?
  • Will we see a major shift towards decentralized finance?
  • Has blockchain been over-hyped? What does the future hold for blockchain in FS?

  • Dina Ellis, Of Counsel, Paul Hastings
  • Emi Yoshikawa, Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Operation, Ripple
  • Phil Kelly, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, ConsenSys
  • Danielle Martell, Managing Director, Financial Services Strategy, Accenture
1200 - 1245 ET   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
How are Traditional Banks Adapting their Approach in a Digital World
  • How to prioritise agility and digital dexterity in a large organisation
  • How have incumbents answered the challenge of challenger banks?
  • Why fintech/bank partnerships are crucial to success
  • Which major North American banks are leading the way in adopting a more digital approach?

  • Scarlett Sieber, MD, Catalyst Consulting Group & Fintech Contributor, Forbes
  • Vanessa Fernandes, CTO - Emerging Technologies and Open Source, Itaú Unibanco
  • RJ Sherman, VP of Innovation, Citizens Bank
  • Anil Agrawal, SVP, Digital Platforms and Transformation, US Bank
  • Preeti Gupta, VP, Enterprise Transformation Lead, Northern Trust
1300 - 1345 ET   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
How is Innovation and Technology Transforming Payments
  • What barriers are preventing more efficient payments across North America and can they be overcome?
  • How are emerging technologies shaping the future of payments?
  • What’s on the horizon: How will the payments ecosystem develop this decade?

  • Anna Irrera, Chief Correspondent - Fintech, Reuters
  • Will Graylin, Founder and CEO, OV Loop
  • Sofia Freyder, Executive Director, Product Management, Digital Payments, JPMorgan Chase
  • Gad Elharrar, Principal, Banking and Payments, Kearney
  • Milos Dunjic, Head, Enterprise Payments Technology Innovation, TD Bank Group
1400 - 1445 ET   |   For Your Local Time Click Here 
Financing Fintechs in a Changing VC Landscape
  • Why do venture capitalists love investing in fintechs?
  • How Covid-19 impacted funding across the global fintech sector?
  • Future trends: In what areas are the top VCs currently investing?
  • Standing out from the crowd: How to get spotted in an overcrowded VC landscape?