Lightning Talks
1300 - 1345 BST  |  20th August 2020
Lightning Talks Finalists
Exclusive Research - What Will Banks do About Digital Identity and What Will Their Customers Think?
Guess what? 71% of Brits would give a biometric to their bank but only 30% would give one to a government agency. 172 senior executives at banks and 5,000 consumers told us their thoughts on identity proofing and authentication. Do they see things the same way? 

Speaker: Sarah Rutherford, FICO

Wait, What Is Digital About Your Transformation?
Digital Transformation: why it is important to think of a strategy that is enabled by digital than succumb to digital strategy. This talk will highlight some insights from personal experience working with large financial institutions and what is required today to build resilient competitive edge!

Speaker: Prasanna Amanan, Lardi & Partner Consulting

Tackling Financial Exclusion By Helping The Underbanked Build A Better Credit Profile
This talk will cover the (i) problems of existing credit scoring solutions; (ii) the need to help the underbanked, why now; (iii) what Javia is doing to tackle financial exclusion - i.e. using alternative data to assess borrowers' creditworthiness; (iv) why Javia is unique and why we'll succeed.

Speaker: Darren Chow, Javia

How To Market Blockchain
We'll discuss some of the marketing methods Blockchain companies can use to reach and educate their audience. From creating thought-leadership to stylish visuals for LinkedIn, we’ll explore some of the ways Blockchain companies can step-up their marketing game and provide actionable advice.

Speaker: Kathryn E. Strachan, Copy House Ltd.

Decentralisation Changes Our Risk Appetite
How Decentralised finance is going to change the way we perceive money in relation of time.

Speaker: Gabriele Musella, Coinrule

Gamification Of Money!
Home the out of home entertainment industry is employing frictionless payment, and driving the new usage, adoption and gamification of the payment medium.

Speaker: Kevin Williams, KWP Consultancy Limited

How Open Banking Payments Can Support Businesses Through COVID Recovery.
The current state of payment infrastructure is expensive for merchants and UX is complicated and slow, leading to more customer drop offs online. Given the rise in online payments, an Open Banking flow could reduce fees for businesses, combat fraud and improve UX supporting businesses right now.

Speaker: Matt Cockayne, Yapily