Digital Transformation and the Future of Fintech

On-Demand Panel Discussions

Transformational Banking, Fintech & the Future of Finance

Featuring: Paul Trotter (Atom Bank), Norris Koppel (Monese), Natalie Fuller (Cashplus Bank), Gerald Gruber (Bunq), Pia Hauch (, Birce Ciravoğlu (Papara)

Fireside Chat: Boost Your Customer Engagement and Financial Wellbeing Through Science

Featuring: Elin Helander (Dreams)

What Next for Blockchain and Crypto?

Featuring: Marjan Delatinne (SETL), Alfonso Tames Ilana (Accenture), Swen Werner (State Street)

New Models, New Opportunities: Embedded Banking, BaaS, Open Banking & Open Finance

Featuring: Dr. Jörg Howein (SolarisBank), Andreas Wolf (Raisin), George Dunning (Bud), Maria Palmieri (Yapily)

Reimagining Insurance CX in a Digital World

Featuring: Ilana Simons (Zendesk), Ani Kshetrapal (Capgemini), Peter Stockhammer (Generali Vitality)

On-Demand Programmes

Transformational Banking in a Digital Age

Featuring: Paul Trotter (Atom Bank), Norris Koppel (Monese), Gerald Gruber (Bunq), Shubhanga Prasad (OakNorth), Adnan Ahmed (Starling Bank), Joanne Murphy ( The Chartered Banker Institute)

Payments Unpacked: Future Payments Trends

Featuring: Tom Robinson (Kroo), Philip Belamant (Zilch), Caroline Clare (Wise), Ahsan Jamal (Samba Bank), Tony Craddock (Payments Association), Angela Yore (SkyParlour)

Embedded Finance and BaaS: The Next Evolution

Featuring: Jörg Diewald (SolarisBank), Hayley Viner (ClearBank), Leda Glyptis (10x Future Technologies), Andrea Tessera (Sella), Elena Litani (Pillar), Craig Ramsay (HSBC)

A Digital Insurance Future

Featuring: Sam White (Freedom Services Group and Stella Insurance), Marion Beaufrère (Luko), Andrew Yeoman (Concirrus), Niraj Shah (Zego), Tobias Wann ( Xempus AG), Maren Schlieper (WeFox)

What Next for Blockchain and Crypto?

Featuring: Marjan Delatinne (SETL), Alfonso Tames Ilana (Accenture ), Alex Batlin (Trustology), Swen Werner (State Street), Daniel Bookstaber (, Hannah Forbes (The Founding Crowd), Dr Axel Haus (Nuri), Ian C Rogers (Ledger)

Open Banking and Open Finance

Featuring: George Dunning (Bud), Maria Palmieri (Yapily), Andreas Wolf (Raisin), Vanni Parmeggiani (GoCardless), Rolands Mesters ( Nordigen), Tom Harris (ClearBank), Amnah Ajmal (Mastercard)

Fintech and the Future of Finance

Featuring: Natalie Fuller (Cashplus Bank), Pia Hauch (, Chris Wehbe (Lendable), Sandra Chattopadhyay (Gentwo), Nicolas Badaro (Allica Bank)

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